IMAGINARIUM ART (IA) & TOYNTOYS (TNT)is a subsidiary supported by D&L Group Pte Ltd based in Singapore being the subsidiaries in the Toys/Collectible market within the licensed region as well as approved to distribute.

TNT started in 2003 till date, working with Bandai, Banpresto, Megahouse, Diamond Distributor, NECA and many other brands. During the peak in 2013, we decided to form a new brand, Imaginarium Art working with Singapore Disney and other licensors.

Started in 2013, Imaginarium Art has actively worked towards creating customers base within South East Asia and had successfully created all regions customer base within our licensed Territory.

IA is also a licensee of Disney, Marvel, Warner Bros, MGM and DC Comics

To work closely with in marketing into another level within the Toys industries.
Creating a larger Pool of collectors for future growth of each Brand.

To create a larger market to gain new collectors
It’s a challenge and we love challenges, it keeps us going!!

Create a new Channel of availability for the collectors.

Vision to create a collaboration product for marketing Purposes
such as Events Exclusive in the future

Repetitive Yearly Event
  • Singapore Toy & Comic Convention
  • China Toy & Comic Convention
  • China Wonderfest
  • Korea Comic Con
  • Thailand Comic Con
  • Meet & Greet Session Singapore
  • Diorama Competition Singapore

Brand and Manufacturers we distribute

Lee ChongmingToy Collector

You Have got your label a new loyal supporter!!! Really appreciate what you have done! Cheers Bro!

Francesco GarritaniToy Collector

Congratulations, The products look really well done, you are giving a good image to your brand.

Billy MahoneyToy Collector

Your attention to details is breath taking. It means a lot. Have a great day and keep up the stunning work.

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